Isolated But Not Alone

Well, it finally got me. I have COVID. After two-and-a-half years of avoiding it, I caught it, or rather it caught me. I’m double boosted and usually wear a mask indoors, so I was pretty surprised. I’m in the middle of it now but hopefully will test negative after the five-day isolation period and see you all at church on Sunday.

It was an unexpected way to end an otherwise wonderful staycation with my family. There’s nothing like a staycation to make you appreciate your city all over again. Los Angeles has so much to do, and more importantly, so many great places to eat!

The main event for us was Disneyland, and finally getting to see the Avengers Campus and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge was a treat. As a Star Wars fan from childhood, it was a surreal homecoming to actually help fly the Millennium Falcon. I involuntarily cheered as we jumped to light speed. We even came home with a little droid buddy from Droid Depot. I named him R3-D1, because he’s both a “red” and “ready” little droid.

But all that seems light years away as I’m isolating in the bedroom, away from my family, unable to leave the house. My COVID symptoms started out mild, but then hit me like a truck the second day. I was deeply fatigued, had a lot of congestion, with headache and mild fever. It felt like the worst cold I’ve had in decades. Stay safe, everyone, and try not to get it. I know it’s mild for many people, but it was no fun at all for me.

As an introvert, it surprised me how difficult isolation has been. It’s tough not being able to interact with your family. It’s tough being in one place all day. It’s tough being alone when you don’t want to be.

I took comfort in Christ’s presence with me in a way that I had not in a while. I actually became a Christian in my bedroom at the age of fifteen when Jesus revealed himself to me in a vision. On the cross he was lonely and isolated, separated from his Father and his friends. He understood me, my loneliness. That day he became my lifelong friend.

And now, isolated in this bedroom, I once again turn to Jesus. I hear his words, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Mt 28:20). Even when we’re isolated, we are never alone. Jesus is with us.

I like to say, if you don’t take a sabbath, a sabbath will find its way to take you. It’s been fun doing Disneyland and enjoying the city. But it has been an unexpected blessing as well to sit here, alone with Jesus, resting and marveling as my body heals from COVID and my soul continues to rest and strengthen for the season of work and fruitfulness ahead.






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