Rebuilding the Church

The church needed to change. 

As precious as the church is and as much good as it has done, it needed a course correction. As destructive as the pandemic has been, it also tore down some things that needed to be torn down and gave us an opportunity to rebuild things better. We have an opportunity in this season to move away from complacency and superficiality as the church and rebuild our faith-life in a way that brings out our deep spiritual desires and ushers us into authentic, substantive experiences of God.

People have reevaluated pretty much everything in their lives, and many people have decided that “going to church” is not for them. What that tells me is that the expression of the church we’ve been living with, when it really gets down to it, is not meeting many people’s spiritual needs. But we know God is real. We know everyone needs God. We know Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. So where did we go wrong as the church?

I believe we offered people an expression of the church that was comfortable and convenient and easy but that was not necessarily sourced from Jesus Christ, his way, his presence, his power, his word.

I am excited to explore what it means to truly be the church of Jesus in this season of rebuilding. I am looking forward to partnering with you to learn how to be the church again, to rebuild what has been destroyed, so that the church is even more beautiful and reflective of Jesus than ever.






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