Exploring New Rhythms in a New Season

I love summertime. It has always been my favorite season, even from when I was a child. Naturally, as a student, it’s mostly because school lets out for the summer. But even as an adult, there is a change in the air, a change in the vibe of the city when summer comes. Things relax a bit. You see more tourists in the city and you know people are on vacation and traveling. Even if you’re in an industry where it gets busier (like running an ice cream shop), there is still that positive shift toward profits.

My family and I will be on vacation from July 20 – Aug 2, so I won’t be at church the two Sundays within that time frame. I’m excited to rest and break out of the routine of everyday life for a bit, to go out and see new things and have new experiences. Most importantly it will be a chance to recharge, rest and reset my daily rhythm to be more natural and conducive to spiritual and physical health.

A small group of us at church recently finished reading through the Bible in a year using one of the Bible app’s plans. Congrats to those of you who made it all the way through! After the reading plan was over, I felt a bit free to peruse the Bible in a more leisurely, haphazard way. But after a few days, I realized that I missed the structure and routine of a Bible reading plan. And so I am on a Bible in 90 Days plan. It turns out, changing things up and keeping things fresh doesn’t have to mean doing away with routines, but it can mean exploring new routines.

As we are now fully into the summer season, why not try something new for your faith journey? Try a Bible reading plan. Take more time for prayer. Go on a personal retreat. Slow down and simply do less, allowing God space and time to pour more into you. Discover a new rhythm of life, one that enhances your spiritual, emotional and physical health.

Summer is here. It is a different season. May this season be one of rest, recreation, and refreshing for your relationship with Jesus and for your mind, body and soul.






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